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The Little eBook That Could

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

My most recent book, Peyote Stitch Companion, came to be unlike any other book I’ve

written. For my other books, I pitched an idea (or was approached with an idea), signed a contract, and was on my way. However, PSC almost felt like a special little pet to me—there were times when I had to stick up for it to survive rounds and rounds of budget cuts.

I learned to knit from The Knitter’s Companion, learned to crochet from The Crocheter’s Companion, used The Weaver’s Companion as a text book in art school, and long admired Jean Cox (Campbell) for her work on The Beader’s Companion. So given the legacy of these titles, I knew PSC belonged in the market. I think I was more proud the day it was finally published than I was for my previous five books.

It first debuted as an ebook and then finally went to print. Its small handy size fits on the messiest of bead tables and the wire binding allows it to open flat. The hardcover protects the pages.

One sad thing I just learned about is that an error was made when the pages were prepared for the printers and the page references on the Table of Contents and the entire Index are incorrect! I’ve provided corrected pages below that Interweave/F+W created, and they promise to correct it when the book goes for another print run.

If you’re new to peyote (the best first stitch to learn) or already know peyote stitch want to advance your skills with fun variations like diagonal peyote, please check out my book.

Happy beading,


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