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How Did I Learn to Bead? (And what I do now.)

I’m often asked how I got into beading. As a girl, I loved to craft and the process of making things. (It’s fun to see my daughter is the same way.) When I was about 10 or 11, I bought a daisy-chain bracelet at a souvenir shop in the Stapleton airport (the airport that Denver International replaced).

I studied the thread path and later re-created dozens of my own variations. This was a great way to pass time while my family took road trips to Kansas, and to this day most of my beading takes place in a car (I'll write more about that another day).

But then I took a long break from seed beads. While pursuing my art degree, I focused a lot on embroidery, weaving, surface design, and apparel. Not until I started working at Interweave did I become passionate about beadweaving. I can thank Dustin Wedekind for making me fall in love with seed beads and tech editing.

While I don’t have a lot of time to bead, I can enjoy the mathematical and architectural processes through technical editing. I love seeing how pieces come together and am a stickler for accuracy in editing and illustrating.

I was fortunate to be the Editor of Beadwork magazine for eight years and now am now a consultant and freelance editor in the industry, in addition to teaching and designing new kits and patterns.

Happy beading!


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